What Steps are Included in a Turn-Key LED Project?

Many commercial businesses find that turnkey solutions are an appealing service offered by LED lighting companies. If you are planning a new retrofit lighting system, there are several essential steps that must be taken to ensure the project is successful from beginning to end.

What is a Turn-Key LED Solution?

A turnkey lighting solution is specifically designed to allow commercial customers to focus on their core business activity. It eliminates the distraction of having to intensively manage the lighting upgrade process. The primary activities that the LED lighting company takes when installing these lighting solutions include:

  • The initial lighting survey
  • Creating an energy-efficient solution
  • The lighting upgrade proposal
  • Planning of the project
  • Gathering of the materials for the project
  • Management of the work site and project management
  • Quality control
  • Project closure

The Audit/Survey

The initial step in any LED lighting turnkey solution is the lighting or energy audit. The audit includes a detailed evaluation of the lighting currently in the facility that needs to be refit. A quality LED lighting service will provide an investment grade audit, IGA. This is a complete engineering study that is used to justify the investment to be made. It details all the relevant technical and economic issues present.

The Upgrade Proposal

The actual upgrade proposal is a document that details the scope of the project. It needs to be comprehensive and describe all the work that is going to be done. Some of the points that should be included are:

  • How the new lighting technology is going to be used to improve or maintain the lighting levels while reducing overall energy consumption.
  • How the areas that are over-lit are addressed with LED lighting.
  • The use of lighting controls and sensors to reduce wasted energy.
  • How LED lights are going to be used for improving the light levels in locations where this is needed.
  • How the aesthetics of the space are going to be improved and why this is beneficial.

The proposal given should also provide you with an estimate of the total amount of energy you can save. IN that summary, any available tax incentives or energy rebates should also be outlined.

Project Management

When the LED lighting company is contracted to provide you with a turnkey solution, the company needs to handle all the aspects of planning and executing the project. This includes:

  • Creation of the plan and schedule.
  • Materials delivery.
  • Dumpster drop-off for products and materials to be disposed of.
  • Provisions of lighting technicians to handle the job.
  • Disposal of the older fixtures after removal.
  • Making sure you know how to work the new fixtures.

Any quality contractor is also going to provide you with written guarantees for the work done, as well as warranties for the lighting fixtures installed. Finding a company that stands behind the work they do is a must for peace of mind.

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