Three Commercial Sign Options

Mom and pop shops are highly popular; most who run these types of businesses have worked hard for what they have, usually working for someone else before becoming financially stable enough to open their own businesses. Regardless of the size of a business, having top quality commercial signs for your Kansas City business will help you compete even with the “big boys,” helping your mom and pop shop stand apart from the rest. We have a few suggestions for signage you may want to consider.

Commercial Sign Options

  1. Post and panel signs. Usually constructed of an aluminum composite flat panel mounted between two posts, these freestanding signs are ideal for a temporary setup such as you often see on constructions sites, or can be created to be more decorative and perfect for use in mom and pop shops or other small businesses such as dentists, craft or art shops, etc. These high-impact signs attract the attention of passersby, and can be crafted of wood, aluminum, wrought iron, sign foam, or even PVC.
  2. Metal panel signs. Usually mounted on the actual building, metal panel signs are one of the most popular options of businesses today. Most commonly constructed of heavy duty aluminum composite panels, these metal signs offer a distinguished appearance and make a great first impression. Whether you decide to have your business’s name printed in vibrant colors, prefer a logo, or both, printing is typically done on durable vinyl and glued to the panel. Alternately, for a 3D look PVC, acrylic, or sign foam can be used to create dimensional letters. offshore centre . It all depends on your business, and whether you desire a flat or dimensional appearance.
  3. Lightbox cabinet signs. When you really want your mom and pop store to stand out or customers have mentioned on occasion they have a difficult time finding your location, you may want to consider a lightbox cabinet sign. These types of signs are budget-friendly, and make it possible for your shop to really stand out from those businesses around you. In Kansas City, it’s easy to get lost among all of the other shops without the right sign!

The actual cabinets are constructed of high quality extruded aluminum, then durable paint that includes a powder coating is added to protect your sign from the weather elements. Lightbox cabinet signs are truly distinctive looking because of the plastic or acrylic push through elements that make up the sign’s face. Whether you prefer your sign installed on top of a pylon or mounted directly to your building, potential customers will have no problems finding you!

There are countless options available today when it comes to exterior signage for any size business in the Kansas City metro area. At Excel Lighting & Signs, we are highly capable of creating any sign you can imagine! Have an idea for your commercial sign, or need help learning more about all of the possible options? Give us a call today for cost-effective solutions to your sign needs.

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