The Top Design Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Sign

Are you ready to have a new sign created for your business? If so, you may have great ideas, but if you aren’t careful during the design process, you may get a sign that doesn’t help you achieve the desired results.

Getting to know the most common design mistakes related to your sign will help you avoid it.

The Material

There are some people who believe the most expensive materials will create the most impressive signs. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily what happens. You may pay a premium for material that doesn’t hold up as well as cheaper materials do. For example, while stainless steel and aluminum-look similar, aluminum is much more affordable than stainless steel.

Also, many love the look of wood, but you choose the wrong wood or if it is not treated properly, it may rot or even be at risk of falling, causing damaging, or injuring someone. In this situation, a synthetic material, such as PVC is a better option.

Color Contrast

Another common mistake is not selecting the right combinations of colors. You may remember there are both contrasting and complementary colors. The goal of any sign is to stand out and capture a person’s attention. This is why it is so important that you use contrasting colors. There is a good reason that traffic signs are made of black lettering and yellow background. This combination makes it easy to see the sign from a distance. This doesn’t mean that every sign should be black and yellow, but you should choose contrasting colors.

The Font

There are many people who choose the wrong font when they are having a business sign designed. Fonts that look like fancy serifs or scripts aren’t a good option for signage. Making sure your sign is readable is essential if you want effective signage. It is best to stick to block letters. Serifs aren’t just hard to read but they may also reduce the way your sign is manufactured.

The Size

It is important to measure where the sign is installed before ordering it. You should make sure there is a balance of negative space around the actual sign. All the letters should be spaced as evenly as possible. Be sure that the sign is the right size for your intended audience. This will pay off and help you get the desired results.

The Location of the Sign

Carefully think about where your sign is being installed. If you put it up during the winter, and the trees start filling with leaves, your sign may become blocked. You also need to consider the target audience for your sign. Is it a pedestrian? Drive? Take some time to put yourself in their shoes and approach your business the same way they would.

If you are ready to design a quality sign that is going to provide your customers with the information they are looking for, work with the professionals. They will help ensure you get the signage you want and need. Contact Excel Lighting & Sign today.

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