Red Rules: Why Red Should be in Your Restaurant Sign

You probably know that colors have a huge impact when it comes to branding and advertising for businesses. Certain colors can be used to help promote a specific desire or feeling, or to attract a certain type of customer. If you are a restaurant owner, selecting the logo and color scheme for your sign should be a decision you think about carefully. In fact, to achieve the best performance from your branding efforts, it’s a good idea to use the color red.

Red is considered to be the most effective color to entice hunger. This is a benefit for any business that is in the food-service industry. When you use red in your street-level signage, along with your other branding materials, you can feel confident that your restaurant will stand out on busy streets, social media, the freeway, and anywhere else you have chosen to advertise.

Having a high-quality restaurant sign created and installed by the professionals will help to put your establishment ahead of the competition. Keep reading to learn more about why using red is such a good idea.

Red Helps to Promote Energy and Stimulate Enthusiasm

Red is a primary color and it has a unique effect on people that helps to stimulate a sense of excitement and enthusiasm. Red has also been directly associated with urgency and has a way of demanding people’s attention, which is why it is the primary color on ambulances and fire trucks, stop signs, and warning signs. When it comes to creating the right color scheme for your brand, this can come in handy. Having a red sign can be exciting and create the same enthusiasm mentioned above about your business.

Red Helps to Spark Impulsivity

In addition to capturing attention and provoking excitement, red’s also ideal for inciting impulsiveness in your customers. You may have noticed that the majority of advertisements for “limited-time-only,” or “last-minute” sales usually have red font or a red background.

Red creates that sense of urgency for the sale and is used to help encourage impulse- buying among shoppers who are passing through. When you use this in your restaurant setting, it can help get possible customers in the door, especially if they are working hard to make a decision regarding where to have their next meal.

Red is Scientifically Proven as Being More Visible

Selecting red just because it garners more attention may not be enough for some people. If that’s the case, then it’s time to get to know more about what the science says. Red has a wavelength of 700 nanometers on the visibility spectrum, which means the wavelengths of the color or longer, which makes the color more visible than any other. This means your advertisements are able to be better seen.

If you are ready to create or recreate your business sign for your restaurant, then consider going with red. As you can see from the information here, it offers more than a few benefits.  Contact Excel Lighting & Sign to get started with a new restaurant sign!

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