5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Kansas City Sign Company

A great sign does a lot of things. Customers, who start assessing your business before they ever step inside the door, make split-second judgments about where to take their business based on the overall aesthetic and feel of a business from the outside. You need the right sign for your establishment. There are many things to consider before putting up new signage. You want the sign to be professional looking, clearly convey your brand, add to the aesthetic of your business, and assist customers in finding where they need to go or what they need to do.  A professional sign company can help you accomplish all of these goals. Here are five questions to ask a Kansas City sign company before you hire them to make the sign for your business. 

What types of signs can you install?

 Not all sign companies have the capacity to make every type of sign. Make sure that the company you hire has experience designing and installing the types of signs you are looking for for your business. These are just a few of the different types of signs that you may want to ask about:

In addition to the type of sign you have in mind, a good sign company may offer other types of signs that would be helpful to your business. Perhaps you need lobby or directional signs, special events banners, or window graphics. Ask to see a list of all the services they offer. 

Do you offer in-house design services?

Manufacturing and printing are only one part of the sign-creation process. The goal of achieving a professional-level sign is to start with great design. If you already have a design, great! But if not, designers that will spend time working with your brand can help you get the type of sign that brings customers in.  You may want to ask what their design process is like, how much time a designer will spend with your sign, how many revisions you can expect for the cost, who the point-person will be for your particular project, etc..

Do you help navigate regulations and sign permitting?

One easily overlooked aspect of getting new signage for a business is the process of installation and obtaining permits. A reputable sign company can help walk you through the process of applying for the permits needed in your area so that installing your sign goes off without a hitch. Counties, cities, and municipalities can each have their own set of codes and ordinances that govern the design and installation of signs. Be sure to ask the sign company you are looking to hire if they have worked in your area.

How long will it take to create and install my sign?

Either because of working with deadlines or to be able to schedule other work around your sign, knowing how long your sign will take to be completed is an important part of hiring a sign company. You want a company that can deliver a quality sign as soon as possible. If a company can’t give you a straightforward estimate for completion,  it could be a sign that their work will be substandard, and you should consider looking elsewhere. 

Do you have any testimonials that you can share? 

Before agreeing to have someone make your sign, you should know what type of work you can expect.  Any reputable sign company will have plenty of testimonials to look at before hiring them. If you don’t like their previous work, look elsewhere!

Looking for a sign maker is an important step in building your business. Spending a little time asking them questions could save you a lot of time and difficulty down the road.  Using these questions as a starting point, you can be sure you’re on your way to a great new sign. If you are ready to hire a Kansas City sign company, call us at (913) 492-4000 for a quick, upfront quote.

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