Important Factors to Consider when Designing and Setting Up Your Business Signage

Did you know that the most likely way that customers are going to find out about your business is by seeing your signs? It’s true! Signs are powerful. Since they are so powerful, it’s essential that you take some time to figure out how you can make them as effective as possible. A few factors to keep in mind as you begin to strategize your sign design, manufacturing and placement can be found here.

What Do the Local Zoning Laws Say?

In most areas, there are ordinances that outline the parameters for the type of signage you can install. Some of the rules you may have to abide by include the maximum dimensions, color parameters and lighting specifications.

In addition to the county and city law, you may also have to follow separate guidelines that have been set by the retail center or mall where you’re located. The location where you are leasing space has a huge impact on your signage. In an effort to create a sense of cohesiveness, the shopping center may dictate the colors, size or other details of the signs you use. Find out before you move forward with having a sign designed.

The Sign’s Brightness

It’s crucial to have a sign that can be clearly seen during the day, and at night. Choosing a lighted sign just makes sense and it will be easily read by drivers who are passing by.

There are several types of lighted sign styles you can choose from, with some of the most popular being:

  • Bulbs that are in the open, such as LEDs or neon tubes
  • Lamps inside the sign that send lights through the front
  • Small lamps that are installed on the outside of the sign and positioned in a way to distribute light effectively

Your Signs Message

You have to think carefully about what you want your sign to say. You may think it is obvious – your name goes on your sign. However, it may be a good idea to also include your logo. After all, your sign is going to be delivering your branding message to possible customers at all hours of the day. You can easily increase brand recognition if you use your logo and established brand colors.

The Design Strategy

In addition to what you want to put on your sign, you need a strategy to guide the design process. Don’t just think of the logo and colors, you also need to thing of things such as readability and traffic flow. When thinking about the design of your sign, it’s a good idea to take into account all the additional elements of the presentation.

By considering the factors here, you will be able to have a sign created for your business that will spread the message and attract the attention of people passing by. It’s also critical that you find a quality company to actually make the sign, as this is going to impact the final product.

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