LED Lighting for Your Kansas City Business

Why Choose LED Lighting for Your Kansas City Business?

LED, or Light Emitting Diodes, offer several benefits for Kansas City businesses in search of unique lighting solutions that give you more control and are environmentally friendly. Fast becoming the most preferred type of lighting in the world, we’ve listed a few of the benefits to help you decide if LED lighting is right for your application.

Durability. Many types of lighting are affected by vibration of the fixture or intense movement, such as fluorescent, incandescent, and HID (high intensity discharge) lamps. LED lights perform well even under these conditions.

Longer life. Replacing lights is a hassle; LED lights have a substantially longer life span than halogen, incandescent, and fluorescent lights, and only need replacing about every 10 years! This is based on usage for seven days per week, eight hours per day. Even when lit 24/7, LED lights last an average of 4 1/2 years!

High efficiency, greatly reduced power usage. Power usage is greatly reduced with LED lights as an increased percentage of electricity is used directly to produce light, rather than creating heat for a filament to produce light, which is the case with halogen and incandescent bulbs. You enjoy highly efficient lighting while using about 20% of the electricity necessary to power conventional light sources.

Low heat. Every business owner knows lighting can create a tremendous amount of heat; most types of lighting are even hot to the touch when turned on. LEDs are ideal in environments where you want no heat that could affect chocolate, cosmetics, or other products that are heat sensitive. Keep your spaces cool, and eliminate the worry of burning your skin.

Safe lighting with no UV or infrared radiation. LEDs are brighter and more reliable, contributing to increased safety for law enforcement, emergency and commercial vehicles, and more. LED lighting is about 100 times faster than other lighting in terms of operating at full brightness, as they are at full brightness as soon as turned on. Unlike other types of lighting, they are safer when used around clothing, paintings, carpet, furniture, or other items that may be susceptible to fading because LEDs contain no UV or infrared rays.

Versatility. LEDs tolerate humidity, cold temperatures, rain, heat – you name it. Whether used in retail display, theater or museum lighting, on emergency vehicles, for refrigeration, in landscaping, or other applications LED lights are ideal for almost every lighting need and come in a wide array of colors, sizes, arrays, and retrofit capabilities. LEDs can be used with almost any material inside or out including wood, rock, brass, steel, even plastic.

Substantial savings on lighting. Because of significantly reduced energy usage and virtually zero maintenance costs, LED lights are extremely cost effective for businesses. After just a few years, you will notice substantial savings on lighting costs.

At Excel Lighting & Signs, our business is sign fabrication and commercial LED Lighting projects.  If you’re considering LED lighting retrofit solutions for your Kansas City business, give us a call today.

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