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As a business owner in the Kansas City area, you may not really realize the importance of lobby or reception area signs for your business. Other than leaving clients sitting in a bland, dull reception area or one with generic pictures that don’t do much for the decor, lobby signs are a great way to make a memorable impression on customers, and increase brand awareness.

Why are Reception or Lobby Area Signs Necessary?

Take a minute or two to really look around the entrance and receptions areas of your business. When clients come in, are they assured they are in the right place? You may have a few paintings hanging on the wall that match your decor, perhaps a few plants to dress things up. What does this do to help those who come into your business to gather additional information, or know they have reached their destination? Nothing. There are several advantages to having signs in your lobby or reception area, including:

  • Reception area signs set your business apart from companies or competitors who do not have them
  • Signs in the lobby provide a visual representation of the services you provide
  • Clients in the reception area are more comfortable as signs convey your professionalism and confidence in what you do
  • If you’re in a business that has several departments, signs can direct clients to the right area
  • Signs in the lobby that include graphics or slogans help define your brand, and what separates you from your competitors

What Types of Signs are Available for Your Reception/Lobby Area?

Foam letters are a great choice if you desire depth. These types of signs can be customized using a digitally printed face, or a dressier, more formal look can be achieved using an acrylic face. Foam is also versatile, a great choice for businesses concerned about the environment.

Individually cut metal laminate letters make it possible for you to achieve a stylish metal appearance without busting your budget on the expense of genuine metal alloy. Metal laminate letters can be created by using PVC, acrylic, or foam substrates and applying a thin layer of metal. Individual letters are routed out in creating the ideal logo or typeface for your business; the color options are plentiful as well.

One common choice for reception area signs among Kansas City business owners is acrylic letters, which can be custom painted to complement your branding efforts. With acrylic, there are dozens of options and your letters/logo can be custom cut to any height, width, or depth you may prefer.

Clear acrylic panels offer a three dimensional look when the panel is mounted with standoffs, and make it possible to apply logos and/or digital letters to the face, a very popular choice among business owners. It is possible to create virtually any shape or size, and various thicknesses are available as well. Layering panels can make a big impact on clients who come into your business.

At Excel Lighting & Signs, we provide commercial signs for all of the various needs of Kansas City businesses. Make your company stand apart from the rest, build your brand, and make your business the most memorable of all to existing and potential clients!

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