Why Switch to LED Parking Lot Lights?

There are several reasons to make the switch to LED parking lot lights, not the least of which is lower cost. For decades, outside areas around retail shops, malls, and other businesses have been illuminated using HID, or high-intensity discharge fixtures. The problem with this type of lighting is that they use significant power and are costly to maintain.

How do LED parking lot lights differ?

LEDs last much longer, eliminating the cost of regularly replacing HID fixtures. In fact, the only maintenance necessary for LED lights is occasional cleaning. HID parking lot lights generally last up to 20,000 hours (sometimes far less) before requiring replacement of the lamp. Additionally, depending on type, style, and wattage, this type of bulb can cost as much as $60. Kansas City businesses can save significantly on both product and maintenance costs by making the switch to LED parking lot lights.

LED lights consume less than half of the energy that traditional HID lighting consumes while you enjoy lighting that is just as bright. For instance, a 150W LED fixture is equivalent to a 400W HID fixture, so you can do the math – that’s 250 fewer watts providing the same amount of light! Imagine the energy savings possible depending on the number of lights you have in your parking lot.

Even when the lumen output is exactly the same, LED lights offer lighting that’s focused, even, and that provides enhanced visibility with less glare. In addition, LED lights with a color-rendering index (CRI) of 80 or more allow for increased visibility and accurate colors, a concern for merchants with parking lot surveillance who may use cameras for security purposes.

HID fixtures come on gradually; you’ve probably noticed that once the sun begins to set, it takes about 10 minutes for the lights to become fully illuminated. Also, when they’re switched off you cannot turn HID lights back on immediately. With LED fixtures, you don’t have these problems – and they light up to full potential instantly.

Today more and more people are concerned about radiation, energy consumption, hazardous substances, and other factors that can impact the environment. LED parking lot lights emit very little or even no UV radiation, and because they contain no potentially harmful gasses or mercury can be disposed of easily.

Reductions in cost, virtually no maintenance, environmentally friendly, and bright, pleasant lighting that makes your parking lot safer and more secure, helping your surveillance system capture better quality video. What’s not to like?

As a Kansas City business owner you can easily see all of the advantages of LED fixtures over those traditionally used in parking lot lights. Ready to make the switch? Contact Excel Lighting & Signs today!

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