Reverse Lit Signs Help Your Kansas City Business Stand Apart From the Rest

At Excel Lighting & Signs, fabrication of business channel letter signs is part of what we do to help Kansas City companies get a distinctive edge over their competitors. We know that in larger, congested cities, it’s often difficult for businesses to really stand out. Your store front signage could be the difference between blending in, and being noticed by potential customers!

Our reverse lit signs or “halo lit” as some refer to it are illuminated from the back of lettering, giving your sign a halo effect that is unique and eye-catching. Whether you are a restaurant, retail shop, office, or fast-food restaurant owner, you know the importance of having signs that can be seen from the road – and from a distance – without getting lost in the crowd. In Overland Park, Olathe, and other nearby areas of Kansas City, it’s easy for businesses to get overlooked by prospective clients, especially those who may not be familiar with the area. Our fabrication of business channel letter signs makes it possible for your store front sign to capture people’s interest.

Backlit signs are ideal for many purposes, including hotel and car dealership signs, hospital and church signs, even gas station or strip mall signs. The type of lighting you choose to light up your company’s name can add an element of prestige, excitement, fun, mystery, or professionalism, depending on your industry. Reverse lit channel letter signs have a glow about them that attracts attention, whether the letters and signage is large or small. Our skilled professionals are capable of accommodating most needs in regards to font and color. Whether you desire the letters be mounted directly to the wall of your building or attached to a raceway for mounting on the wall, we can handle it.

A business sign isn’t just important for helping potential customers find you, it’s also important for your brand, logo recognition, and influencing how the consumer perceives your company. According to the International Sign Association, signage is a marketing tool that often communicates a company’s trendsetting and thought leadership to the public. Without a sign, you may give consumers who do happen to know where you are located the impression that you really don’t care whether customers have a difficult time finding you, or if they find you at all.

On average, about 85% of a company’s clientele lives within a five-mile radius of the business. However, it’s important to keep in mind that about 18% of a community’s population will move out of the area, and new neighbors will move into the community. While most people in the Olathe and Kansas City areas likely know where your business is located, do you want to risk the potential business of those new to the community? At Excel Lighting & Sign, we specialize in the fabrication of business channel letter signs for all types of businesses who want to stand out from the rest.

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